From Xero To Hero With The Full Suite Cloud File Management System

Thursday 20 February 2014, 12:21PM
By Pure SEO

For an accountant trying to get their accounting practice fully into the cloud, the team at The Full Suite can help move emails and files into Office 365. SuiteFiles now provides the deepest and richest integration with the Xero Practice Manager. Not only are files looked after in the cloud but they can be accessed directly from Xero. The Full Suite has also just released SuiteGenerator, a new cloud based system for accessing key content and templates required for running a business. Core compliance content will be provided by The Full Suite’s launch partner GiST.

To make the most of the benefits of cloud computing, accountants need to take all of their applications off the server so they don’t need to keep purchasing expensive infrastructure. This includes email and files. Most accounting practices have already moved all of their business applications to the cloud and only have email and files to go. Many have previously regarded file management in the cloud as the hard part but with SuiteFiles and the Modern Practice, it couldn’t be easier.

Change can be daunting, especially in the world of technology and it often seems easier to keep going with systems that aren’t the best, than to change to something better. The team at The Full Suite have a set of tools that automate the whole migration process and remove the need for human intervention. Their email migration tools literally do everything required to set up Outlook on a Windows based computer. The SuiteMoves file migration tool can easily copy existing file systems into the cloud and the whole process is fast so that you can be running in the cloud in next to no time.

SuiteFiles is the easiest way to manage files with Office 365, and integration with Xero’s Practice Manager means client documents saved in SuiteFiles can be accessed directly. For those who have a number of standard templates that they use all the time and need client information put into them, they can tailor the template to prepopulate with data out of the Practice Manager when creating a new document, saving time and reducing errors as the data is coming from the business's source of client data.

One of the key requirements for accountants is to be able to file emails with their clients’ documents. This is easily achieved using the free Harmonie Outlook plugin ensuring that all client information can be kept in one place.

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