Canterbury Ice Hockey Finals SNC 2013-14

Sunday 13 April 2014, 2:15PM
By Glen Cameron


Tonight Sunday 13th April, the two finals for the SNC 2013-14 season are being played.

First off is the Plate Final at 6.00pm puck drops is the second grade team Aardwolfs Thunder Vs the Hornets.

The Cup Final at 7.30pm puck drops winner takes all. The two Aardwolfs Club teams have made the final,  Aardwolfs Oldwolfs Team Vs the Aardwolfs Lightning team.


Plate Final 6.00pm
Aardwolfs Thunder vs Hornets

Thunder beat the Hornets in the last round of the Plate play offs to finish 5-0 and enter the Semi-Finals as 1st seed.
In the Semi-Final Thunder moved passed the Steelers comfortably, while the Hornets struggled vs the Canterbury Midgets (U16 team), only defeating them in Over Time.

We're looking for Thunder to continue their unbeaten playoff run.

Cup Final 7.30pm
Aardwolfs Lightning vs Oldwolfs

The Oldwolfs claimed the Presidents Trophy, while Lightning have a perfect record in the Post-Season.
The Oldwolfs have had a difficult playoffs with some key players away at times, but managed to score enough points to make the Final.

The teams have met 4 times so far, and split the results 2-2, with both of the most recent contests favouring Lightning.

Last years Final featured Oldwolfs vs Thunder, which went Thunders way.
This years Lightning team consists of 5 of the Champion Thunder members, while the Oldwolfs will be looking for their first Championship Trophy to add to all their Presidents titles.