Human rights complaints New Zealand

Sunday 13 April 2014, 7:47PM
By Paul Riddler


My name is Paul Riddler, i lodged a serious complaint with the Nationwide health and disability advocacy service, this i believe is a very serious, human rights complaints newzealand. http://www.fyi.org.nz/human-rights-complaints-newzealand. The complaint concerned serious negligence, where i suffered serious side effect from a drug called Tramadol. WARNING: TRAMADOL is dangerous for people with existing Traumatic Brain injury and addiction issues. The complaint was first submitted to the organisations involved with the negligents, then with the, Nationwide health and disability advocacy service. My complaint was covered up by the organisations my complaint was against and then those organisations colluded with my HDC advocate to cover my complaint up. Serious, Human rights complaints Newzealand, unfolded as i then tried to seek accountability with various Newzealand Government organisations, i lodged complaints with the following organisations, Newzealand human rights commissioners office, Health and disability commissioners office, Newzealand Ombudsmens office. My complaint has been "Systemically Covered-Up" by multiple Newzealand government organisations including Newzealand ACC, they rejected my claim, i made ACC fully aware of the collusion and cover-up, they are all complicit with this very serious, human rights complaints Newzealand. I also started a face book page which focuses on human rights issues, http://facebook.com/human-rights-complaints-newzealand. Through trying to seek accountability for very serious, Human rights complaints Newzealand, i have then been subjected to covert surviellance and actions, thus traumatising me further and impacting on the care of my now, severly disabled partner who had a severe stroke which was connected to the initial cover-up of my Nationwide health and disability complaint. Paul Riddler TBI underdog