Create Your Own Happily Ever After with Innovative New Self-Help Book

Thursday 24 April 2014, 10:34AM
By Impact PR

Lose that glass half empty approach to relationships and fill your cup with forever after, with the inspirational new relationship self-help guide Fairytale Love: How To Love Happily Ever After from renowned writer and relationship expert, Leanne French.

A fun and optimistic book about relationships, Fairytale Love takes the focus off bad relationships and emphasises how uplifting good relationships can be. French’s innovative approach allows you to focus on self-improvement to be a better partner in a relationship – so you really can be the better half!

Inside Fairytale Love, you’ll learn successful, love-enriching secrets to give you a fresh perspective and put you in charge of creating your own fulfilling love story. With an upbeat approach to life and love, this book delivers uplifting, fun ways to treasure each other and offers strategies that increase mutual respect and reduce beastly battles.

Fairytale Love will awaken your notions of self-care and allow you to nurture new, positive ways of being; enabling you to see that, rather than trying to change the other person in the relationship, the change begins with you!

According to French, Fairytale Love is a playful yet powerful relationship self-help guide that seeks to help us optimistically unlock the secrets of forever after, using inspirational solutions and accessible advice.

“Fairytales can awaken your creativity, enliven your imagination and direct your attention to common human conditions and traits of character. They can also entertain, empower and inspire you to really look at your own ways of thinking and behaving when faced with trials and triumph,” says French.

“Relying on the positive psychology provided in Fairytale Love, you can find the keys to single-handedly transform your relationship into a more passionate, resilient one.”