New Zealand Company Demystifies Heat Pump Technology

Tuesday 29 April 2014, 9:55AM
By eMagic


By nearly every measurement, heat pump technology is an amazing advance in environmental systems.  They have the ability to both heat and cool a building, as well as filter and dehumidify, meaning that only one basic system needs to be installed.  They are 4x more efficient than conventional systems at both heating and cooling so less energy is used.  And they’re safer than other heating systems because they produce a low-intensity heat and don’t burn any fuel so they eliminate stuffiness.  And they’re excellent for asthma and allergy sufferers because they can filter the air with a range of thoroughness.  New Zealand’s aptly named Air Conditioning Specialists ( are experts at the installation, service and repair of heat pump systems. 

Air Conditioning Specialists is owned and operated by Adam Penberthy, a NZQA qualified Refrigeration Engineer and Electrical Installer servicing the greater Auckland region.  He has been in the industry for over 13 years and is experienced in all facets of the trade.  Mr. Penberthy said, “Our experience and ‘outside the box’ thinking lets us provide affordable heating and cooling solutions for every budget. We understand that every home is different.  So every heat pump installation is also different.  We have the knowledge and experience to give you the right advice and get the job done right, without the pushy sales babble.”  ACS is so confident in their work that they guarantee to match any competitor’s price. 

Heat pumps ( work not by generating heat but by extracting it from one body of air and transferring it to another.  They use the same principle as a home fridge/freezer, compressing gas and then allowing it to expand, extracting heat as it does so.  Even if the air outside is freezing heat pumps can extract heat energy and transfer it inside to warm the building.  In summer the system works in reverse, extracting heat from indoors and transferring it outside keeping the residents comfortable and cool.

Air Conditioning Specialists offer a free 30- minute evaluation to determine a building’s needs and system specifications, whether it’s a small domestic heat pump installation to large commercial air conditioning applications for office blocks and high rise apartments.  Evaluations are done by an unbiased technician, not a salesman working on his commission. 

Business Details

Air Conditioning Specialists
Address: 97 Beach Rd, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland 0610
Phone: 09 834 6128