New Plymouth in the eyes of youth: 'Boring'

Saturday 10 May 2014, 6:57PM
By Community Taranaki


'Keyword of the day? Well it's a bit boring'
Te Kupu o te ra, Michael McLeod, Youth Working Party New Plymouth member reports.

The word of the day is very boring, and that is because, well, it is.

LATEST: Today (10th May 2014) Michael Riley and I (Michael McLeod) scouted around the CBD of New Plymouth speaking to youngsters of our district. We asked them to describe our picture perfect city in one word. Unfortunately, most of them said it was 'boring'.

"Boring because there is nothing to entertain us effectively" one said.

"A number of the youth of today are resorting to smoking, alcohol, drugs and fighting because of this."

While Youth Working Party member Michael Riley said there were no youngsters doing drugs in sight today, there were fights.

"Today within minutes of arriving we [Michael Riley and Michael McLeod] were alerted to a fight among two young people which was about to start. Luckily the fight was able to be stopped." Michael Riley said.

"We found two wine bottles at the scene of where the fight was to take place" a security officer told us.

A Centre City staff member told us "We see it all the time, its very disappointing."

Teenagers do not venture up our beautiful mountain, do not walk through parks for fun, and art galleries aren't always on the list of interests.

More must be done to meet the wants of teenagers. They have an important part in the future of New Plymouth, and if today's older population push them to the side, push New Plymouths future aside, then the future will be blurred.