New members for Youth in Politics bring big changes for 2014 ahead

Saturday 17 May 2014, 11:18AM
By Community Taranaki


New Plymouth Youth in Politics can now confirm the names of the two new members of New Plymouth Youth in Politics, those are, Michael McLeod and Mitchell Jordan both from New Plymouth.

The two new official members have been put on Youth in Politics 'Key Committee' which is the committee for all members to get together monthly to discuss ideas for the page.

Each member is assigned a topic where they need to then (in the month between the next committee meeting) create a post/status/article about the topic given.

Administerial rights will be given after each new members second confirmed post. The topics could be skating in the CBD of New Plymouth, Rubbish issues in the district, pig out point woes etc.

Michael McLeod will soon be presented with his administational rights as he completed a post which was about youth being bored in New Plymouth.

"For a first off post it went really well and I look forward to what both teens bring to the page, and also to their community." Michael Riley said.

"We've got some fantastic events coming up including an election 2014 day next Saturday so it will be interesting to see if our two newest members take the roll of attending" he said.

New members bring new changes


New Plymouth Youth in Politics have lots of changes on it's way, we're hoping to do monthly events for youth and adults to get invoved in together.

Our first ever Youth in Politics event will be held in the CBD next Saturday. Youth in Politics will be going around the city with brochures, stickers and enrollment packets to make sure all the youth over 18 and adults too are enrolled to vote for this years NZ election.

Another change to Youth in Politics is that our members will meet each month with a set agenda of topics to speak about, we're hoping this can be a meeting for about 30 minutes a month, just to get the members in person.

We're allowing these committee meetings to involve the public and they're all unformal set in different areas around New Plymouth.

This will mean that each month Youth in Politics is bringing out great posts on topics that mean lots to youth of Taranaki.

The main change to the page is that we are allowing the public to join us and our team at Youth in Politics. We're looking for a team of around eight young people aged 13-20 years old. We've got 3 members so far including me (Michael Riley), and hopefully another one is on its way very soon.

If you're interested on becoming a member send Michael Riley a message on Facebook, or send him an email, or go post on the Youth in Politics page.

Mitchell Jordan, an official member, will be creating a post on the rubbish issue for youth in the district, and we're hoping to have that confirmed next week.

Come to our first committee meeting?

If you're interested on coming to our first Key Committee Meeting let us know now by contacting Youth in Politics on Facebook.

The meeting will include all members and is high priority for the page.

The first meeting will go on for around 45 minutes and there is four known items on the agenda for the meeting, those include skateboarding in the CBD (Around 15mins), Youth Hangout Zone, An event for all youth (shh) and an update on the rubbish woes.

We all look forward to seeing how the page develops in the coming months.