Simple and affordable GPS vehicle tracking for anybody

Tuesday 15 July 2014, 5:16PM
By Pacific GSM

Jablotron simple and affordable European tracking solution, now available
in New Zealand for personal or business use. Secure
and monitor your car, truck, motorbike, machinery or
boat in the simplest and cheapest way possible
thanks to Jablotron tracking devices and 24/7
free access to your asset online on the map, with
unlimited logbook history, fuel consumption, car and
drivers managment, speed records and more.

- Euro design/simple installation - car power plug or
permanent hardwired +/-
- All in one (including antennas)
- Start/Stop detection from integrated accelerometer
- Designed for basic monitoring - public and small
- On-line data via GPRS to a cloud free server + instant location via SMS
command or can be used as a car black box
- Instant notification if car being tampered or speed
exceeding 3 km available
- Suitable for 12V or 24V vehicles
- No monthly fee-outgoing charge is only the data
usage from GSM provider 2Degrees!gps-vehicle-monitoring/c13q7