Enterprise Motor Group Full Protection Package

Thursday 21 August 2014, 9:53AM
By Pure SEO

The Enterprise Motor Group philosophy “treat people how we would like to be treated” means that they also recommend that their customers take out their full protection insurance package. This includes the Enterprise 4 Year Warranty, Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and a two year comprehensive car insurance policy. The Enterprise 4 Year Warranty is  New Zealand's Best 4 Year Warranty and is a must-have protection no matter which car you are buying. The Enterprise 4 Year Warranty has no claim limits, no kilometre limits, no exclusions for wear and tear, comprehensive mechanical and electrical cover, 12 months free AA cover, towing to the nearest authorised repair centre and out of town breakdown benefits such as car hire and accommodation up to $1200. There is also a low $100 excess for all petrol and diesel vehicles and having the 4 Year Warranty could save car owners thousands in unexpected repair costs.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is protection for car owners and their families against the worst happening, such as job loss or illness and it doesn’t matter whether you’re self-employed, working for wages or salary or on a benefit, including PPI in your loan repayments is easy.

The Enterprise Comprehensive 2 Year Car Insurance Policy is part of a special arrangement with Vero Insurance where they offer Enterprise customers a fixed premium for the first two years that can be paid weekly or fortnightly along with the loan repayments, providing insurance with one of New Zealand’s most trusted insurance companies. The premium doesn’t go up as it is fixed for the two year term and claims are paid quickly and easily.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance is a must-have for anyone paying a low deposit for their car. GAP will protect them in the event that their car is a total loss or write-off, by paying the difference between what the insurance company pays out for the car (usually the current market value) and what may be left owing to the finance company. GAP will also help cover several of those unexpected costs such as the excess and will even help by paying $1000 toward the deposit on that next car. No one wants to be left making payments on a car they don’t have any more, so for only a few extra dollars a week in a loan payment, it is recommended by Enterprise ask to include GAP.

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