Network Car Rentals Proactive On Driving Safely

Thursday 21 August 2014, 5:19PM
By Pure SEO

As the Otago Daily Times reported recently, Queenstown police have resorted to phoning rental companies to remove unsafe tourist drivers from the road. This move comes as the New Zealand Transport Agency launches a trial scheme to improve overseas drivers’ behaviour after a series of high-profile fatalities. The agency will distribute 20,000 ‘steering wheel tags’ to vehicle rental firms in the resort which feature pictures explaining the country’s road rules. The agency has developed the steering wheel tags with the Rental Vehicle Association and tourism and transport safety agencies, under the Government’s Visiting Drivers Signature Road Safety Project. The pictures detail rules such as keeping left, safe speeds, safe overtaking, wearing seatbelts and driver fatigue. This initiative will, quite literally deliver these crucial safety messages to visitors as they get behind the wheel.

When Queenstown police stop a driver who is incompetent but has not reached the threshold to be charged, they will phone the rental firm and invite them to cancel the contract. As Jo from Network car rentals says, “At present the Queenstown Police have not had the occasion to call us on this subject and we have had only one driver in the past six years that has had his keys taken away from him for driving over the centre line”.  Network Car Rentals are taking a proactive stance on this potential problem and are currently working with a video team to produce a version of driving safely in New Zealand, which is nearing production in the next few weeks.

Jo and the team at Network Car Rentals are also being proactive in sponsoring freestyle skier, Anna Willcox, while she is training in the Queenstown area with the overseas ski teams, so we will wait to see how well Anna does in the future!

Nothing is ever too much trouble for the Network Car Rentals team and their service is second to none. This is due to the fact that they are a locally, family owned and operated rental car company with many years’ experience in Queenstown and they just love to welcome visitors to their particularly beautiful part of New Zealand. Being known locally as the friendliest and most efficient car rental company in town, means that the team at Network Car Rentals are particularly busy at this time of the year, often with clients who come back year after year.

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