Achieve More, It's Possible

Tuesday 2 September 2014, 4:48PM
By Scamps Boutique

Business owners commonly cite ‘freedom’ as one of the main reasons why they went into business. However, one of the biggest frustrations they suffer from is feeling stuck with the tasks that constantly sit un-ticked at the bottom of the to-do list. These are the projects they want to be doing to grow their business or tasks they are stuck doing because no-one else will. Often times, it’s both types of tasks weighing them down. Hiring another employee remains a dream because of the prohibitive cost and risk involved.

By outsourcing, business owners can get the help they need more affordably and with less risk. The term “Virtual Assistant” was coined during the 1990’s in the US and has taken the world by storm ever since. The growth of Internet use in business has fuelled its popularity.

Business owners quickly saw the benefits of contracting a “VA” to assist them to complete their administrative jobs.  These forward-thinking entrepreneurs became more productive and less stressed.

Virtual Assistants can assist business owners in daily tasks ranging from copy typing, data entry, dealing with e-mails and everything to do with invoices.

In recent times virtual assistants have been increasingly hired to update social media accounts, websites and provide e-mail marketing.

Virtual Assistants have joined a business world where location is of no barrier. This allows businesses to attract experienced VA’s from anywhere in the world no matter how isolated they are. And it allows VA’s the freedom to work for business owners with needs best suited to them.

However, when businesses consider hiring a virtual assistant, finding talent that is local to their business adds even more value. A local VA can provide local knowledge, insights and contacts. And even though a lot of work is becoming digital, there is still nothing that matches a face to face encounter.

Louise of SNZ Management is a Virtual Assistant specialising in daily tasks and web marketing. She is based in Waiuku and provides VA services to local businesses.