Creating a Splash - Interactive Water feature

Thursday 11 September 2014, 9:03AM

By Specialized Lighting Concepts


Rotorua Central Mall - interactive light and water
Rotorua Central Mall - interactive light and water Credit: Specialized Lighting Concepts

Rotorua's Central Mall water feature turns heads with a dazzling display of animated, illuminated water. 6 Crystal fountains water nozzles are installed in the concrete entrance way to the mall and create playful leaping effects.

Specialized Lighting Concepts worked with Auckland company Waterworks Irrigation to create a unique, attention getting feature at the entrance to the mall, combining the elements of light, water and sound into a safe, interactive fountain.

Internationally water features have often been a huge drawcard for shopping centres, helping bring people to the centre and keep them there. Rotoruas Central Mall feature is treated to the same level as a commercial swimming pool, the water is safe for children to play in,  which will make it a big drawcard for local kids in summer

For the mall, the quality components are all automated and can be programmed remotely off site, with a virtually unlimited number of combinations.

The fountain runs from 8am til 10pm 7 days a week

Specialized Lighting Concepts are leaders at animating water - working closely with the worlds best fountain manufacturer they can help with your future fountain projects