Politics classes required in high schools

Friday 12 September 2014, 9:43PM
By Young Internets

Young Internet's member Michael Riley say's politics classes are needed in high schools immediately following a day of campaigning for Internet MANA which proved that young people don't know government.

Riley was in the New Plymouth district today speaking with young people to ensure they were enrolled to vote and were going to be democratic and use the right to vote to their potential.

"This outlined a major known issue. So many young people are disengaged, not enrolled, and aren't ready to vote."

"I spoke with numerous young people, but one stuck out, a young woman who never thought she'd ever vote. Her parent's were never enrolled and in her mind, the importance wasn't there."

After talking about Internet MANA policy, and the 85 billion dollars of debt New Zealand is in, she went to the post office, got an enrollment form, took it to the electoral office, then went to the local council building and voted" he said.

Young Internet's member Michael Riley say's this is a prime example of why young people need to be educated on politics. "Even if it was just the basics"

Over 40% of eligible 18-24 year olds did not vote in the previous election.

"Hopefully the number will decrease, and this will prove that education is key. Internet MANA is focusing on getting young people involved. It's as simple as a conversation" Riley said.