Argent Motor Lodge Renews Sponsorship Of Top Athlete Camille Buscomb Argent Motor Lodge Renews Sponsorship Of Top Athlete Camille Buscomb CREDIT: Argent Motor Lodge

Argent Motor Lodge Renews Sponsorship Of Top Athlete Camille Buscomb

Monday 22 September 2014, 9:42AM
By Media PA

Award-winning Hamilton-based business Argent Motor Lodge has continued their position as leaders in the growing social giving movement in New Zealand through their renewed sponsorship of successful New Zealand athlete, Camille Buscomb.

Clare and Richard Gallagher, co-owners of the popular Lorne Street motel, have signed on to support Camille for another twelve months as she continues to accomplish her goals.

Social giving is an approach to fundraising that has benefits for both the sponsor and the recipient.

It connects businesses with potential candidates for their support through the use of social media. MediaPA are big promoters of social giving action and played a significant part in connecting Argent Motor Lodge with Camille Buscomb. It has been through MediaPAs on-line driven marketing articles about the connection that Argent have been able to gain PR from the relationship as well as “the fantastic feeling you receive from giving back” that Clare explains she attains from supporting Camille.

Camille is delighted with the renewal of Argent’s sponsorship and comments on how it is “really great to have their support and encouragement…not only financially but emotionally as well”.  The support received from Argent will help Camille towards achieving her goals of reaching the next World University games as well as World champs and from there Rio Olympics in 2016. Camille has also had the chance to stay at Argent’s spacious apartments and describes them as “a great place to get away and focus”.

“Social giving and the opportunity to give back is a fantastic feeling,” says Clare. “We are very excited to be continuing to support Camille for a further twelve months and to see her achieving her goals”.  “It is great to be behind someone performing on the world stage”.

The connection between Argent Motor Lodge and Camille Buscomb is a perfect example of how MediaPA’s social giving initiative can be mutually beneficial for both the sponsor and the recipient. In recognizing this, other businesses could potentially gain from a similar relationship by partaking in this rewarding programme.