Thursday 25 September 2014, 9:06PM
By Mbuba Shoes

When it comes to fashion, women are not strangers to the pain game. In fact, sporting the finest pair of heels can often result in years of prolonged foot problems that we continue to pay the price for - all for the love of style.

Taking a social stand against sacrificing comfort for the sake of fashion, Mbuba Shoes annihilates the age-old issue that beauty is pain by revolutionising the industry to design fashionable, yet functional footwear.

Launching into the NZ market by frustrated fashionista, Rebekah Craig, Mbuba's vigor lies in its expression of both individuality and innovation. It combines the very best of technology with the finest of fashion to create beautiful and functional every day high heels.

"We've worked with the best engineers to design outsoles assembled with a blend of rubber and leather that are specifically made to follow the natural flex of the foot", says Craig.

Cleverly constructed, the specially designed insoles assist in evenly distributing body weight through engineer specific measurements that provide support at the areas of the foot that suffer the most pain and discomfort.

"While the design instantly relieves foot pressure, the dri-fit inner lining reduces blisters by alleviating moisture buildup, contributing to an instant, feel-good fit and eliminating the need to 'break in' the shoe", she says.

Mbuba's first creation, the iconiK Snakeskin Leather Boot (RRP $199.99) was designed from the inspiration Craig drew from the confidence exuded by everyday woman. "I wanted a finished product that embodies independence and certainty, while conveying vibrancy and sass - the very hopes of woman today", she says.

Mbuba will be launching their first 'Summer 2015' range in January.