A Tent For Any Tenant

Monday 29 September 2014, 10:46AM
By Outside the Square PR


AUT students and Salvation Army Manukau Community Ministries team up to raise awareness, as South Auckland’s housing situation moves from crisis to collapse.

Family homelessness is spreading in South Auckland. In a bid to support the fight against this issue, and the view that many New Zealanders hold about such circumstances being a result of individual choices, AUT communication students are launching a Trade Me auction; ‘Tent for Any Tenant’.

The listing will feature a tent being sold as a family home and will commence on October 1, with a closing time of 6pm on October 10, which is World Homeless Day.

Rent in Auckland is increasing 10% faster than incomes, and house evictions are on the rise, which initiates the cycle of low income families and individuals living in vehicles, tents and other unsuitable conditions.

The Salvation Army Manukau Community Ministries are finding their resources are having to be diverted from their usual services to focus on providing homes for families who are having to share accommodation in already over-crowded houses.

Director Pam Hughes says, “This issue is taking priority, and it means we can’t do the work we usually do, as desperately attempting to find accommodation for our families has now become a constant.”

The Manukau Community Ministries already work with 13,000 families each year. They supply these families with food parcels, budget advice and other social work, yet Hughes says they are struggling with what she describes as “the added pressure of the unmanageable housing collapse.”

The students’ efforts are part of the initial stages of the activities the Community Ministries have planned for October surrounding World Homeless Day, including many events in South Auckland including at their Recovery Church.

Student Owen Chambers says, “We want to use this auction as a powerful visual reminder to communicate with those who don’t realise how critical the situation in South Auckland is, and hopefully get people to feel what we have felt during our time working with the Community Ministries and their incredibly determined and emotionally-involved team.”  

The property listing will also be situated on Trade Me’s ‘Cool Auctions’ rotation and will be holding an ‘Open Home’ on October 8 at 12.30-2.30pm, in Auckland CBD.
The highest bidder will also receive two VIP tickets to the Ministries’ ‘Story of Hope’ concert, featuring Stryker, a pianist and vocalist who has conquered homelessness and risen to success in the music industry. Joining him, will be the Sistema Aotearoa Children’s Orchestra and Mama Julz at Auckland Boys Grammar School concert on October 19.

The auction gives the opportunity to donate to the Salvation Army Manukau Community Ministries by either placing the highest bid on the auction, or following a link on the listing where donors can allot a specified amount of money to the charity.

For more information on a ‘Tent for Any Tenant’ and the Salvation Army Manukau Community Ministries, visit the online listing from October 1 on To purchase tickets and to find out more about the ‘Story of Hope’ concert, visit


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