Encouraging politicians to speak with youth

Tuesday 7 October 2014, 2:45PM
By Community Taranaki


Youth in Politics Founder Michael Riley, 16, is asking for local politicians, and candidates for upcoming elections to get involved with youth in the community, including the young window washers.

Window washers are hitting the streets of New Plymouth and Riley thinks the community should see it as young people connecting, rather than young people causing trouble. 

“Some young people in today’s society are troubled, involved with drugs and alcohol, however we have youth out in the community washing windows of cars to make some money.” He said.

Riley thinks New Plymouth should embrace it, instead of pushing it away. “Make it a positive connection with members of the public and young people”.

“I encourage local politicians and candidates for elections to go and speak with young people, especially the window washers. Ask them what’s up, and connect with them, instead of walking past them like they’re trouble”

In January an incident in New Plymouth with young window washers included a New Plymouth District Councillor being abused, and a member of the public being assaulted.

Although it was revealed that the young people didn’t cause the issue, Michael Riley think’s that New Plymouth politicians should let that get in the way of the facts.

“At the end of the day, they’re young people connecting with the community doing something positive with their time. They could be smoking drugs and drinking alcohol, but no, they’re on the road’s asking to wash your car windows. Embrace it, embrace it, and embrace it”