Sealegs Lands New Zealand's Most Advanced Manufacturing Licensing Deal . . .

Tuesday 28 October 2014, 8:32AM
By Manufacturers Success Connection

New Zealand Amphibian Launch-Land Developer Licenses Dubai Boat Builder

The allocation by the Auckland Sealegs amphibian boat developer and manufacturer of a technology licence to Asis Boats of Dubai represents the most significant product manufacturing licencing agreement to date by a New Zealand company.

Sealegs developed the first usable powered, steerable and retractable wheels-on-legs. Asis Boats is a large scale manufacturer of rigid inflatable multi purpose boats.

The Sealegs approach is considered the world's first practical solution to the problem of a boat user wishing to launch their boat but unable to do so because they do not have the ability or strength to do it themselves and when there are no additional willing hands available to assist.

Thus a user of the Sealegs amphibious launch/land becomes independent in regard to when and where they can use their boat, an important advantage in countries with aging yet well-to-do boating enthusiasts.

The licence allocation offers an immense market to the New Zealand marine developer because the Dubai licensee offers the amphibious integrated launching-landing method as an upgrade option for all its models. These range from pleasure to industrial and military applications.

Asis Boats in Dubai prides itself on the extent of its own in-house manufacturing down to accessories.

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