Mocka Bikes for Summer Fun

Friday 31 October 2014, 10:05PM
By Beckie Wright

With summer on the way, this is a good time to think about getting the kids outside, as during the winter it is estimated that between 50% and 80% of their waking time is spent in a sedentary state, and having the right toys and equipment is a huge part of getting kids to be active. Mocka Balance Bikes have no pedals or training wheels and are known to help young children develop their gross motor skills, balance and coordination, building confidence in preparation for their first two-wheeled bike. The beauty of balance bikes is that children have complete control over their speed and manoeuvrability. The bike is naturally propelled forward by the child’s running motion and can be easily stopped by simply dropping their feet to the ground.

Mocka bikes allow kids to coast and they quickly learn how to balance as they glide, developing their confidence as they learn in their own time how to ride on two wheels. New Zealand parents are finding that a Mocka Balance Bike is the best way for kids to learn, and to actually enjoy riding while they are learning, and Mocka have New Zealand’s largest range of balance bikes for boys and girls aged from two to six years. They also supply bike stands for parking, bike bells and bike bags to carry those important extras.

We all remember when Dad used to ‘knock together’ a box cart, literally made from an old box and how much fun we had with these during the summer months. The Mocka Box Cart is a traditional push style go kart that will have your child off and racing around the house or park, and hopefully using up lots of energy, pushing, playing and exploring new environments in their box cart. Great for gross motor development, the Mocka Box Cart features four pneumatic rubber tyres, a padded seat and back rest, a traditional rope handle and a steel hand brake.

Both the Mocka Balance Bike and Box Cart help children to develop their gross motor skills. Underdeveloped gross motor skills can affect a child’s overall wellbeing, not only affecting their physical health but also their emotional, social and academic performance. When it comes to physical activity, young children need to be encouraged and supported at an early age to ingrain good habits, and this is made all the easier by having the right equipment.

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