British Government Seeks Collaboration With New Zealand Nanotech Organisations . . .

Monday 10 November 2014, 11:55AM
By Manufacturers Success Connection

New Zealand has been recognised by the United Kingdom as a global point of focus in the advanced materials and nanotechnology sphere. This recognition has been braced and underlined recently by the move of Izon's headquarter to the UK. The firm started in Dunedin.

The British High Commission in Wellington is organising a UK deputation to a conference on the sector which will be held in Nelson February 8-12 next year. In effect the UK government will pay the return trip of selected delegates to the conference.

In recent years the UK trade apparatus in New Zealand has sought to define an area of technology in which New Zealand companies and research institutions demonstrated a pre-eminence. For a while this attention devolved around the wider IT sector and certain offshoots, notably computer games.

In the event the nanotech/advanced materials sector appears to have emerged as the desired area for what is described as "commercially orientated collaborative research" in New Zealand's "highly active materials and nanotechnology research sector."

Specially identified as areas of co-development are:-

  • Photonics
  • Energy capture
  • Biotech interface

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