Selling, Buying Or Re-Financing Of Home: Convey Law has All the Answers

Monday 24 November 2014, 11:35AM
By Convey Law

Summary: Convey Law, an Auckland based reputed firm specialising in Conveyancing transaction services has been met with rave reviews from their customers. Their customer base is said to be growing bigger and bigger owing to their low cost quality services working  model.

23 November, 2014: Convey Law, a Conveyancing firm, has been providing online Conveyancing service with Fixed Conveyancing Fees and no-obligation instant quote is freely available through our website 24/7.

According to the sources, their website has been met with positive reviews with many of their clients expressing satisfaction after using their services. Convey law Property Lawyers provides free initial review with excellent expert advice from their group of well renowned, experienced Property lawyers trained to deal with the major Conveyancing transaction. The company has been in function for some time now and their main office is located in Albany, North Shore, Auckland. The company also offers $3 million of professional indemnity insurance to back all their claims.

Some sources also termed their working module as very smooth and efficient with special emphasis on the needs of very specific clients. The company also has their own dedicated website conveyTrack to keep track of their work progress. The managing solicitor of the firm said, "Through our dedicated Conveyancing tracking website conveyTrack, we aim to provide you with instant Conveyancing updates for your case with SMS Updates. These unique services allow you to keep up to date with the progress of your case, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

The services provided by the firm includes not only residential conveyancing transactions (sales, purchase and re-financing) but also all other Property related matters including Subdivision transactions, Commercial conveyancing transactions, Asset protection, Estate planning and etc.

The seller's info pack prepared by the company is said to be carefully designed to help the Vendors find the right details. With their pre-purchase report service at a fixed price, one will receive a quality service by having a fully qualified expert dealing the matters directly. One could get a free instant quote with fixed prices with no hidden fees. One of their customers, Joseph T. from Ellerslie said, “I found Convey Law to be thorough, professional and trustworthy. I would have no hesitation recommending them onwards...and I already have!”

Convey law, preferably deal with the whole transaction by email, post and conveyTrack there is no need for you to attend any meetings to keep their rates competitive irrespective of their client's location. The company strictly follows the no move-no fees policy to guarantee their quality workmanship. They also specialise in preparing legally binding contract specially in case of private treaty transaction to maintain an appropriate agreement form. One doesn't even need to visit their office physically as all their work can be done online.

About Convey Law

Convey Law is a New Zealand based online Conveyancing division of Park Legal Barristers & Solicitors, providing highly trained and skilled lawyers for Conveyancing transactions of properties.

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