Summer and Window Tinting

Wednesday 26 November 2014, 12:30PM
By Tint Pro


As summer and the associated plethora of long, hot days at the beach draw ever closer, concerns about sun-safety begin to pop up around the country. Advertisements in all forms of media are continually telling us to slip, slop and wrap in an effort to reduce the damage caused by harmful UV rays. With so much attention on safe safety when outdoors, it is perplexing that indoor sun-safety gets so little attention. While it may seem like an oxymoron, indoor sun safety is vital due to the high percentage of UV rays that can pass through a standard window. This is especially important in New Zealand, where we experience one of the highest levels of UV rays in the world.

Tint Pro window tinting solar films eliminate 99% of UV rays and help create a safe indoor environment.  Tint Pro provide a variety of different tints and films fit for a multitude of different purposes such as residential window tinting Auckland or office window tinting. Each of their products are able to be customized to fit nearly any window. All of their technicians are members of the Master Tinters Association of New Zealand meaning that you don’t have to worry about poor workmanship or a lack of skill. This is further underlined by the full workmanship warranty and manufacturer’s warranty that come attached to every job of Tint Pro.

In addition to the sun protection offered by Tint Pro, their films also provide a wealth of associated benefits that can help make summer that much easier. With summer comes hot temperatures that every traditional kiwi summer is known for. However sometimes we just need to relax indoors in a cooler environment. Their films help provide a cooler environment, blocking at least 25% of the incoming heat from the sun while also lowering the associated air-conditioning costs by helping to keep cool air trapped inside. In addition, we all know how distracting and annoying screen glare from the sun can be. Their product has been shown to greatly reduce this glare and can be applied to nearly any shape window, often in locations where blinds and curtains are not an option.

With summer just around the corner, make the responsible choice regarding sun safety and get in contact with Tint Pro today regarding the window tinting options available and how they can work for you. Whether it is residential window tinting Auckland or office window tinting, Tint Pro do it all!