Jucy rentals happy with the safe arrival of 50 motorhomes in NZ courtesy of McCullough Shipping. Jucy rentals happy with the safe arrival of 50 motorhomes in NZ courtesy of McCullough Shipping. CREDIT: McCullough Shipping

Floating Motorhomes

Tuesday 2 December 2014, 12:35AM
By McCullough Shipping

Here’s a problem. You have 50 outstanding motor-homes, straight from the factory in Italy. Jucy Rentals, a New Zealand rental company, wants to offer these quality vehicles to anyone keen to explore the Shaky Isles. The backpackers of the world are seriously eager to have these Fiat motor-homes, which retail for more than NZ$100,000 each, available for their use in New Zealand. Getting them there in good time for the summer tourist season is a tough job.

This project was no walk in the park, but because Jucy had used the shipment services of McCullough before and knew of the vehicle transport company’s terrific reputation, Jucy didn’t hesitate to engage them again.

If you’ve ever been in a modern motor-home you’ll know that they are impressive. Lifting one from a wharf into a ship is difficult. Make that 50 motor-homes and you can see that this was a task for the professionals, as the total value of this precious cargo runs into many millions of dollars.

Over in Italy, everything shuts down for the summer, so there was a race against the clock to ensure that the motorhomes were finished and ready to be shipped before the holidays came. Since McCullough are experts in transporting vehicles around the globe, the logistics of the operation went like clockwork, but even the best laid plans of mice and men can often go haywire. This project was no exception and the vehicles were a day late coming out of the factory, putting pressure on the whole schedule. However, with a bit of skilful negotiating, McCullough was able to have the ship wait an extra day and pushed to have the first 30 motorhomes loaded within 24 hours.

Aside from the practical aspect of moving the cargo, there is a great deal of red tape, form filling and the like involved, and as such it was important to have the experienced personnel at McCullough behind the administration to ensure timely delivery. Also, ships are not like trains in peak hour. If you miss the ship, there won’t be another one along in ten minutes - try four to six weeks. This also becomes important when considering ship changeover as cargo is often transferred between vessels on its journey and this creates risks of damage or misplacing of merchandise.

Once the motorhomes had all arrived safely in New Zealand, Jucy could not have been happier with the work done by McCullough. As a result of their brilliant organization and knowledge of the vehicle transportation business, hundreds of tourists, both local and foreign, will be able to enjoy driving around New Zealand in some of the most comfortable motor-homes in the world.

If you have any international vehicle shipping needs then get in touch with the great people at McCullough for assistance. They can handle all aspects of bringing your car, boat, caravan or cargo to New Zealand. Visit the McCullough blog for more info on this shipping project.