Resource Consent Whangarei – Cato Bolam are the land surveying experts

Tuesday 2 December 2014, 3:05PM
By Cato Bolam


One of the most important steps in any land development project is also one of the earliest you’ll be required to carry out, land surveying. In order to properly plan any land development project from a simple land subdivision to a large scale commercial property, it is vital to first know accurately the shape and size of the land in question. If you’re about to embark on a land development project in Whangarei of any sort, then you’ll  probably require the services of a land surveyor Whangarei knows and trusts. If so, you should turn to the land surveying experts at Cato Bolam.

Cato Bolam is a land development and environmental planning consultancy service that can assist with all of your land development requirements. Along with land surveying, they also offer consultancy services with regard to land subdivision Whangarei-wide. They can assist you through the process of resource consent Whangerei District Council requires for any land development project. From their offices in Whangarei, Cato Bolam are happy to discuss any and all of your land development and land surveying requirements.

Cato Bolam is a highly respected land planning and surveying consultancy with over 40 years’ of industry experience. Their expert land surveyors utilise state of the art equipment to accurately and efficiently define the dimensions of your land, allowing you to get on with planning your development and starting construction. They offer a variety of land surveying services including; topographical surveys, land transfer surveys, building set out, height in relation to boundary determinations, GPS surveys, legalisation surveys, boundary redefinition, precise level surveys for settlement monitoring, rentable area measurement (Boma/PLEINZ), covenant and easement surveys, civil construction set out, solicitor and property valuer coordination, photogrammetric survey control, LIDAR and terrestrial-based scanning, railway surveys and GIS data collection.

Perhaps all of these surveying terms sound completely foreign and you’re uncertain about what kinds of surveying services will be necessary for your particular land development project. If this sounds like you then don’t fret, you’re in exactly the same position that a lot of land developers find themselves during the early stages of their land development project. Cato Bolam is more than happy to help you out and walk you through exactly what land surveying your project does, and more importantly doesn’t require.

Cato Bolam’s multidisciplinary team understands every aspect of the land development process and that every site has its own character, outstanding features and constraints. They work efficiently to deliver cost benefits and value to clients and to maximise the development potential and return of sites. They also provide a single point of contact for clients, minimising the time, cost and risk involved in land development projects.

So if you’re planning a land development project, get in touch with Cato Bolam for all your resource consent Whangarei requirements. Along with all aspects of resource consent, they can also offer a multitude of land surveyor Whangarei services and land subdivision Whangarei advice.