New Plymouth By election heats up fluoride issue New Plymouth By election heats up fluoride issue CREDIT: Insiders NZ

Insiders NZ: Michael Riley – the case for fluoride in New Plymouth

Saturday 3 January 2015, 3:46PM
By Community Taranaki


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bringing fluoride back to the water supply is becoming a hot topic in the New Plymouth District. I have found there to be a lack of respected studies on why fluoride shouldn't be in our taps.
Ministry of Health has concluded that after around 70 years of using fluoride in NZ there is no verifiable evidence that fluoridation is harmful in New Zealand. Water fluoridation is an effective, safe and affordable way to prevent and reduce tooth decay for everyone.

Respected health organizations that have studied fluoride for years on end has proven Fluoride Free “facts” to be scaremongering and inaccurate. The NZ Oral Health Survey 2009 confirms that on average New Zealand children have 40% less decay in areas with fluoridation compared to areas without it.

Fluoride benefits everyone in this district for less than 50 cents a person, per year; this is compared to the average cost of a single filling being $130! Hundreds of respected health organizations from around the world, around this country and locally support fluoride. They’re the likes of the Cancer Society, Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, NZ Medical Association, The Maori Dental Association and our local Taranaki District Health Board. The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe it.

Source: Insiders NZ