Entec Report Leading Refinery Optimizes Its Gas Detection Programme With INet

Friday 30 January 2015, 2:21PM

By Beckie Wright


Safety has long been a priority of this energy company, integrating it into every facet of its operations. When a fleet of six gas detectors became mechanically unreliable at one of its petroleum refineries, it was clear that in order to maintain personal safety, the instruments would need to be replaced. In addition to the lacking reliability of the monitors, between five and six hours per week were being spent maintaining them, leading to increased costs and decreased efficiency.

Implementation of the new Industrial Scientific portable gas detectors soon began in the safety department, and then was later expanded t plant operations. Those monitors implemented were several multi-gas detectors, including (3)MX6 iBrid™, (21) MX4 iQuad™ and (36) iTX. More than 550 GasBadge® Plus instruments were also employed for single-gas monitoring. Lastly, 81 DS2 Docking Stations™ were put to use for consistent and automated calibration, record keeping, battery charging and diagnostics readings of the refinery’s new gas detector fleet. Shortly following the delivery of each of the instruments, iNet® was implemented for easier management of the gas monitors.

iNet, Industrial Scientific’s Gas Detection as a Service solution, seamlessly solved the refinery’s maintenance and reliability challenges. Costly and time-consuming maintenance tasks became automated, ensuring that well-maintained, iNet-ready gas detectors were prepared for each day’s use.
Since subscribing to iNet, Gas Detection as a Service has quickly become invaluable to the facility. The refinery’s employees are now more productive as there is virtually no instrument downtime by having an optimized fleet. It also provides cost savings by eliminating unnecessary ownership, maintenance and labour costs. Management now spends less than two hours per week maintaining their even larger fleet of gas detectors. Also with iNet, subscription pricing eliminates the need to buy gas detectors, contributing to further cost savings. Most importantly, iNet has greatly contributed to a safer workplace within the refinery. Employees have peace of mind in knowing that their lives are protected by superior, reliable gas detectors every day. The refinery looks forward to using more instruments on iNet in the future, and hopes to explore other ways in which Industrial Scientific can help to keep employees safe.

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This refinery produces a wide variety of refined petroleum products including gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, asphalt, carbon black oil, sulfur, sulfuric acid and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

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