Homersham Calibration Laboratory Now Serves Dairy Farms Seeking Economies of Scale . . .

Monday 2 February 2015, 10:30AM
By Manufacturers Success Connection

Household name engineering adhesives and instrumentation systems supplier Homersham Ltd is standing by to deploy its test and measurement laboratory on the dairy sector.

Homersham's laboratory at its headquarters in Christchurch was among the first to gain international accreditation here. It is becoming increasingly known for its custom contracting work in temperature, pressure, flow, and humidity among others.

The laboratory is accredited to conduct a range of test and measurement calibrations in the field. It is these especially that the long established company is now focusing on the dairy industry as the sector changes gear into increased on-farm cost-efficiency.

With Canterbury the home now of New Zealand's biggest dairy farm, the region has become the focus of large scale dairy farm concentrations.

The major supplier in New Zealand to manufacturers of adhesives and instrumentation, Homersham's calibration capability represents a central building block for the dairy sector as it increasingly moves into the economies of scale.


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