Merv Hicks and Hotter Engineering Made New Zealand Dairy Town the Detroit of Milking

Wednesday 4 February 2015, 9:24AM
By Manufacturers Success Connection

Eltham is to milking what Detroit once was to motoring.

The Taranaki district dairy township remains though the nosecone of both milk processing and dairy equipment technology. It was here that was invented the rotary milking platform technique that still today underpins on-farm dairy technology everywhere.

The inventor was Merv Hicks and the developer- installer was Hotter Engineering.

In Taranaki it is said that the best way to see the world is to secure an apprenticeship at Hotter Engineering which continues its international technology thrust based on Merv Hick's breakthroughs in blending ruminant psychology with engineering motion dynamics.

The rotary patents in more recent times were taken up by De Laval, still better known in New Zealand as Alfa Laval, and the ensuing collaboration continues to give Hotter Engineering access to markets everywhere for Merv Hicks' unimproveable original concept.


by Peter Isaac © MSCNewsWire