Tenon Uses localised Materials and Energy Advantages to Penetrate US Architectural Products Market

Monday 9 February 2015, 11:33AM
By Manufacturers Success Connection

Because Tenon sprang from the old Fletcher processing and merchandising operation there is a widespread belief in New Zealand that it concentrates on only local structural products. In fact Tenon is the nation’s biggest exporter of value added timber mouldings and millwork finishes. It supplies, for example, such nationwide US chains as Lowes and The Home Depot.

It retains in the US though its old merchandising background by trading in appearance lumber, as it is known in the US, from other companies.  These include such standard lines as ornate moulding trimmings, door and window framing.

Tenon is another example of a manufacturer using localised raw materials and lower processing costs to compete internationally against Asian manufacturers

Geothermal heat is the heat source for the plant’s wood-drying kilns. The geothermal energy passing through the primary conduits heats the process water in the pipe jackets. The Taupo plant requires high pressure heat to  produce timber mouldings and laminates

Having achieved the heat transfer, the piped geothermal gases and fluids are re-sequestered being injected back into their subterranean repositories in the Tauhara field.


By Peter Isaac © MSCNewsWire