Machinist Helix Industries of Christchurch - Proven Quality is Its Own Reward . .

Thursday 12 February 2015, 7:22AM
By Manufacturers Success Connection

Christchurch New Zealand, has long been the centre of the nation's production of plastic fitments, notably for the building sector, and it is no coincidence that Matt Carrier's Helix Industries is pre-eminent in plastics shaping in addition to its metals prototyping, notably for the automotive and aeronautical sector.

Helix is also well known for its metals and plastics reverse engineering. The outwardly straightforward technique of copying is among the most testing that any machining shop has to confront.

Another is finding the skilled craftspeople to accomplish this kind of work. Matt Carrier relies very largely on word of mouth to find his practitioners. He has streamlined his operations by implementing the Delcam systems.

UK trained toolmaker Matt Carrier who has put his shoulder to the New Zealand advanced machining cause believes that proven skill is the best reward that any New Zealand shop can expect. He looks askance at what he views as time being frittered away in pursuit of grants and other taxpayer funded hand-outs.

The world is the marketplace for New Zealand machinists, he believes, and machine shop proprietors should have their focus on it.

By Peter Isaac on Industry © MSCNewsWire