Step By Step Workplace Drug Testing With Sober Check

Tuesday 24 February 2015, 5:25PM

By Beckie Wright


Sober Check are New Zealand’s largest and most trusted supplier of certified drug and alcohol testing equipment, supplying nationwide to a wide range of industry sectors and are now an NZTA approved provider of Smart Start alcohol ignition interlock devices for repeat drink drivers, running this business under the name of Smart Start Interlocks. Sober Check have a team of dedicated people who are fiercely passionate about their clients having a great experience every time, offering very fair pricing for top-of-the-line products.

With this in mind, regarding workplace drug testing, companies will need to identify what they are trying to achieve, and usually it is a safe working environment, free of alcohol and drug impairment. They will also need to consider their legal requirements under the Health & Safety Act, Employment Relations Act, Privacy Act and AS/NZS4308.2008 Standard for Workplace Drug Testing. They will need to work out what is and isn't acceptable in the workplace, when testing will be carried out, why it will be carried out, and how it will be carried out.  They will then need to specify consequences/actions depending on results.

Writing effective policy is not easy, and the team at Sober Check are happy to recommend policy writers to help out. To be able to do in-house drug testing as per the AS/NZS4308:2008 Standard, companies will be required to complete a NZQA course to achieve 2 Units Standards, AS 25458 & AS 25511.  This is a half - 1 day course which gives people a good understanding of what is required.  Once these Unit Standards are achieved they don't need to be revised or updated. The cost is around $500 + GST per person. Sober Check don’t actually provide NZQA training but are happy to recommend NZQA trainers in your area and people are invited to call 0800 700 777 to discuss further.
The most accurate and cost effective way to test for alcohol is with an accurate digital breathalyser and the Sober Check team recommend the Lifeloc FC10 for workplaces, as it has the option of screen testing to show a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE result, and a digital readout mode.
Having a drug and alcohol policy which is implemented correctly will have great benefits to any company, including improved productivity, improved staff morale, less absenteeism and fewer accidents. Around 15% of problem issues in the New Zealand workplace are drug and alcohol related. For more information please go to