Zenory Online Psychic Readings Emphasise Quality over Quantity in their Readers

Thursday 12 March 2015, 9:49AM
By eMagic

New Zealand’s Zenory online psychic readings is proving itself to be different from the usual expected business practices with its small roster of highly qualified and tested readers.  Unlike some other online services that offer dozens of supposedly qualified psychic advisors, Zenory conducts a thorough screening process and a 90-day probation period which includes blind test-readings and training in an ethical code of standards and professional practices. 

“We could certainly fill the roster with psychics like other companies,” said Marcus Peacer, Zenory’s Business Development Manager.  “There’s no lack of people claiming they have a psychic gift, but really they’re talented talkers.  This is why some companies will have a hundred different readers!  It makes one start to question the legitimacy of their services.”

Anyone can say they have psychic gifts, so Zenory makes sure during our interview process that their psychic readers indeed possess those psychic gifts. Even with the competitive nature of psychic services, they still rely on a hand-selected group of psychic professionals.  Customer satisfaction is key and top priority to them, and although they understand each reader has a unique delivery and style, they must all interact with clients in a respectful, professional manner. Likewise, they also expect their customers to be respectful and professional while they interact with the psychics.

Some psychic services are indeed in the business of scamming their callers, which is why Zenory has a strict policy against the selling of spells, curses, curse removal, expensive candle sales or burnings, aura cleansing, or any other unethical practice meant to prey on vulnerable customers.  Clients are encouraged to please contact Zenory customer service immediately should they encounter this. 

Connecting with a Zenory psychic is easy, with several options depending on the client’s preference, whether through voice call, text chat or email.  Once they have registered on the site, they have the option of clicking the “call now” or “chat now” button to be connected immediately via voice or instant message.  If the client is looking to contact a specific reader, they can reach them using the internal mail system, and if the reader of choice is unavailable, a call may be scheduled for the psychic to call the client directly. 


Zenory is a New Zealand-based online psychic service providing advice and consultation on love & relationships, career & finance, and other personal matters through psychic readings, tarot card readings, astrology readings and psychic healing. For more information on how it works, visit https://www.zenory.co.nz/how-it-works.