Behind The Scenes At NZ Health Food Company

Monday 18 May 2015, 2:40PM
By NZ Health Food


May 15, 2015 – NEW ZEALAND HEALTH FOOD COMPANY is a natural health store based in Christchurch, Canterbury, which provides its customers with top quality nutritional products and friendly qualified staff. The company is dedicated to helping people fulfill their health and wellness needs, offering a wide range of vitamins and minerals, nutritional supplements, herbs, sports nutrition formulas, homeopathic remedies and health and beauty aids.


New Zealand Health Food Company was founded in 1988 by Rob Haines, with the aim of delivering indigenous New Zealand natural products to customers all over the world.

“Established national and international brands asked me to supply them with quality ingredients for their own production. As some of these ingredients grew in popularity, and spurred on by my customers success, I developed our own retail brands; ‘NZHF’ and ‘Kiwi Natural Health’ in the mid 1990s”.

Rob Haines 

By that time, export markets had already been established and had continued to grow each year as the world’s demand for natural ingredients increased.

The year of 2008 marked the launch of two new product ranges: ‘KNH’ and Dr. Bee. They were developed using the best formulation science available, combined with the most up-to-date knowledge and resources. The ranges have continued to expand in the following years, as new ingredients were developed. 

New Zealand Health Food Company looks excitedly into the future as new natural products are discovered and developed into products that can change people lives.




The Company opened its first retail store on Wooldridge Road in Christchurch, Canterbury, in 2009. Our main objective was to create an enjoyable, relaxed and informative environment for people to shop in. 

Over the years, word has spread and our company has become well-known for its friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable staff who are always prepared to advise our customers on the products that would best suit their needs.   

The New Zealand Health Food Company store in Christchurch is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm, and on Saturday from 10am to 4pm. 

The retail store is only a part of our operation at Wooldridge Road. Our Wholesale Sales division, the Internet Marketing team, the Admin staff, the Operations team and the Production team are all housed under the one roof. Production staff work hard to supply products not only to our retail store, but also to individual customers both for local and export markets.  



Since its inception, New Zealand Health Food Company has been a “family business”. Rob Haines’s mother Joan has played an active part in the business both as mentor and in operations for many years, and retired at the age of 82. Rob’s daughter Ellie is part of the team as the web and social media administrator and his son Sam is in the Wholesale Sales department. 

Most recently, Rob’s younger daughter Selina also joined the production team, alongside her husband Doug who is the Operations Manager. The involvement of all three generations, as well as the continuous support of Rob Haines’s wife, Lynda, has created a warm, supportive and very unique work environment.

It is their warm and welcoming environment that has ensured staff retention, loyalty and the creation of their own “NZHF family”. The small but effective team work together to deliver a high level of customer service and supply from the ground floor up. From the factory and logistics team right through to their retail staff, every member of the “NZHF family” works hard to ensure that they give the very best level of service to each of their customers.

If you would like more information about the New Zealand Health Food Company, please contact us at +64 3 962 7883 or order online via our website: