Introducing Escapade - The ultimate escape game Introducing Escapade - The ultimate escape game CREDIT: Escapade

Introducing Escapade - The live 'escape' game phenomenon sweeping the globe hits Auckland

Wednesday 20 May 2015, 3:40PM

The phenomenon of live escape games has already hit the USA, Asia, Europe and Australia, and now NZ has its very own version—with a distinct Kiwi flavour.

Forget video games – introducing a real-life game that’ll get the brain going. At ESCAPADE HQ, you’re locked in a room, there’s a mystery to be solved, and the clock’s ticking! Using your observational skills, problem solving ability, street smarts and common sense, you need to decipher a set of tricky clues and puzzles as you and your team race to find the answers and escape—in just 60 minutes.

Escapade – The Kiwi Escape Game, taps into the famous spirit of Kiwi ingenuity with escape rooms based around quintessential New Zealand icons, The Bach and The Shed. Dressed with vintage Kiwiana memorabilia, each room contains a tricky set of puzzles and challenges, with players having just 60 minutes to solve the classic Kiwi-themed mysteries in order to escape the room.

Based in central Auckland, Escapade is great for groups of friends, businesses seeking fresh team-building activities, visitors from around the country, and tourists looking for a fun slice of Kiwi culture. Each escape room fits groups of 1-6 people, with the ability to have two rooms in action to add an element of competition! The post-challenge lounge area also features a bar, as well as extra puzzles and challenges if you’re keen for more.

In an entertainment world increasingly dominated by online games, live escape games are a refreshingly real experience. Tapping into our desire to challenge our minds, live escape games get people away from the keyboard and into an authentic, immersive environment—and working with friends and colleagues in person.

“There’s nothing quite the same as the buzz of an escape game. Escapade creates that fun kind of pressure and suspense that stretches your mind in new directions—great for fun with mates, and powerful for corporate teambuilding and development,” says Jayne Lusk, co-owner of Escapade NZ.

“It’s a totally immersive environment—our visitors say they just can’t believe how quickly the 60 minutes tick by. We wanted to give the games an authentic Kiwi feel, since New Zealand has such a proud heritage of ingenuity and problem solving.”

Escapade NZ is OPEN NOW
Level 1, 23 Victoria St East, Auckland
Escapadenz.co.nz | Facebook.com/escapadenz
09 303 3570 | $35-$39 per person