Snowplanet's Theme for May is 'Piste Perfect'

Monday 25 May 2015, 9:42AM
By Beckie Wright


SNOWPLANET is New Zealand's First and Only All-Year Indoor Snow Resort where guests can experience the thrill of snow sports. With April giving them such a good start to the new financial year, with an excellent school holidays, the enthusiastic and professional  SNOWPLANET team look to transition into winter while maintaining their momentum.

SNOWPLANET’S theme for May is ‘Piste Perfect’ and with the mountains soon to open, now is the time to get ‘Piste Perfect’.  Brush down those skis and get ready for winter with SNOWPLANET’S $49 lesson promo -  and for those who have never done it before then why not do a ‘First Timers’ pack to get you going.  The whole idea is to either get people back into snow sports or to recruit new enthusiasts - .       

SNOWPLANET’S ‘Awesome Autumn Nights’ are going great and normally the SNOWPLANET team would end such a promotion as they transition into winter.  However, they are extending their ‘Awesome Autumn Night’ special pricing into the shoulder season in recognition that they expect the slope to be busy on some week nights due to the popularity of their race and freestyle programs - .     

SNOWPLANET’S ‘Night Rider’ product on Friday and Saturday nights has built up another head of steam so they have decided to keep it for the whole of Term 2 for every Friday and Saturday, with a DJ on still - .           

May is a great month to get the kids out from under foot at weekends as the weather starts to turn to custard.  Parents may have a couple of hours spare in the afternoon or morning so are invited to bring the kids over to take advantage of SNOWPLANET’S awesome family deal.  Throughout the month of May they are offering a whopping 30% discount on their two-hour ‘Family Combo’ - . That’s right, they include the skis and snowboard too so there really is no excuse to not get ‘Piste Perfect’ now!

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