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Keep Your Home Safe and Sound with Vivint

Thursday 28 May 2015, 10:21AM
By Impact PR

Give yourself peace of mind, and your home the security it deserves, no matter whether you’re at work or away for the weekend.

Forget worrying about whether you left the door unlocked, or if your home is vulnerable to burglars, thanks to the advanced security and home automation systems from Vivint.

No matter where you are, Vivint can simplify your life with their remote access home security systems that allow you to check your home is safe and sound via your smartphone - so you can rest easy on your break.

With wireless technology connecting window and door sensors, motion detectors and glass break detectors, the Vivint system will notify you immediately of any disturbance, and the team monitoring your system will call police straight away if needed.

And if forgetting to lock the door has ever played on your mind after leaving the house, it will be a thing of the past with the remote access function of the packages offered by Vivint which make it possible to lock and unlock the doors, and set or disarm alarms, all with the touch of a button on your smartphone.

Vivint is one of the largest providers of security and home automation systems in New Zealand, and customers appreciate how safe they make their families feel, says Vivint’s General Manager for New Zealand, Paul Haynie.

“Kiwis do worry about their home security, especially when they head away to the beach or visit extended family over the holidays, and have to leave the house empty,” says Haynie.

“It’s important to have peace of mind while you’re away so you can actually enjoy the break rather than constantly worrying about break-ins or burglary.”

Offering the ability to include video surveillance as part of the system means those who are wanting an extra level of knowledge can have it, or enable parents to keep a watchful eye on the teenagers after school.

“The great thing about these systems is that it’s not just about security, but it can also help you simplify your life with the ability to unlock the door for the plumber from your phone so you don’t have to leave work to let them in, or turn on the central heating so the house is warm and cosy by the time the family gets home from Saturday morning sports.”

Haynie says many New Zealanders have outdated alarm systems that either don’t currently work, or are unmonitored, meaning they don’t feel adequately protected.

“The peace of mind a security system like this brings to people is immeasurable because they know no matter how far away they are, they know what’s happening at home and can take care of those things most precious to them.”

Security systems start at just $49.99 (plus GST) per month. For more information, see