Friday 29 May 2015, 2:52PM

TrustUs New Zealand opens up accessibility for families to protect their assets

Recently launched to the market, TrustUs New Zealand, has developed an easy online way to protect kiwi families from the lure of the free or low cost Will. Bringing to the market a way to set up better estate planning solutions that protect you and your family while you are living. You are now able to set up your own family trust, protecting your home and any potential life insurance lump sum pay-outs from excessive estate administration fees, unwanted claims, general drama or disorder, if you were to suddenly pass away, tomorrow.  

The online service has ten years of research and development behind it. Led by CEO, Corey Marsland, an expert in his own right, combined with professional insights from Chris Kelly, a renowned expert in wills, trusts and estate law.  Together with Mark Cassidy, Asantha Wijeyeratne and Eddie Reisch the group formed an online service to best help families with straightforward asset protection and estate planning needs and to protect their wealth following a simple online process. But more importantly, providing a way to set up your own family trust without heavy fees being involved.

It seems even the most shocking of family dispute tales involving less than ideal wills or crazy last testaments, don’t deter us from ensuring our families are well looked after in the event of our passing. The biggest deterrent for using better options like setting up a family trust (a living will) to avoid these types of heartaches, appears to have been cost.

At one time, organisations such as The Public Trust were offering free wills, making their money from outlandish estate administration charges and other hidden fees. By law, Estate Administrators are only able to charge up to a capped value of 5% of an estate. Given the massive increase in house prices seen over the last 10 years, combined with the average life insurance policy of a typical family: Let’s say for argument sake a $400,000 home and a $360,000 life insurance policy this could mean a fee capped at $38,000, which will only grow over time. 

The Public Trust now have a set fee structure, but depending on the complexity of your will, and the size of your estate this could still sit at tens of thousands of dollars. That is money coming straight off your estate and not going to benefiting your family.

A complex family trust incorporating various investments, businesses and income producing assets or if you are a Property Developer or a Builder you are certainly better off gaining advice from an experienced trust lawyer or accountant. But for most of the population who own a home, maybe a life insurance policy or have a superannuation fund, a gap in the market for better solutions, other than simply a will, was an obvious one.

Enter TrustUs New Zealand – an online family trust set-up service, requiring a one-off investment of $850. Certainly an answer to this gap. Combined with payment options of a $250 deposit and paying off the remainder weekly, better, more cost effective Estate Planning solutions are now here, and here to stay.

TrustUs New Zealand’s family trust set up service, helps families protect their lifestyle and assets while you are living (as well as after you have passed). Ensuring your children and grand-children are properly looked after for the longer term. Whether that’s a house deposit, or university fees taken care of, or even a drip feed of funds to top up income throughout their life – the TrustUs solution now allows hard working families to gain the peace of mind that was once only reserved for the wealthy.

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