New Packaging Design Reflects Jimbo's Superior Quality

Monday 6 July 2015, 12:23PM
By Bellingham Wallace

Bonson Industrial has partnered with Bombay Petfoods to consolidate the Jimbo’s range of packaging into a single design that offers improved production efficiencies and greater consumer appeal.  

The new package design reflects Bombay Petfoods’ commitment to delivering a superior quality product, both inside and out. Bombay Petfoods solicited feedback from customers around New Zealand to aid in the development of the design to ensure broad acceptance and appeal.

The new and improved Jimbo’s packaging range all share a single design footprint, regardless of volume. This has helped streamline the filling lines at Bombay Petfoods. The shared design is easier to stack for transport and on store shelves and offers superior pallet utilisation. The new packaging also contains less plastic, but is stronger and more durable thanks to its smart design. 

Not only is the outward appearance of the packaging noticeably different, customers will also appreciate the introduction of enhanced aesthetic and functional features. Eye-catching, photo quality graphics can be applied to virtually every surface of the new packaging for greater shelf-appeal and improved customer information. Each new Jimbo’s container also features an easy open/easy close tamper-evident lid with tightfitting, high-performance seals to assure maximum product freshness.

According to David Allan, General Manager at Bombay Petfoods, ‘Bonson Industrial pushed the boundaries, in terms of design and function, to deliver what has proven to be an excellent final product.’

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David Allan

David Tsui

About Bombay Petfoods
Bombay Petfoods are the manufacturers of Jimbo’s; a premium, natural meaty pet food that is trusted by thousands of New Zealand pet owners. 

New Zealand pet owners.
About Bonson Industrial Bonson Industrial is one of Australasia’s leading manufacturers of rigid plastic food containers and suppliers of alternative food packaging options.