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Get Your Glam On with New iPhone 6 Mirror Screen Protector

Tuesday 7 July 2015, 9:06AM
By Impact PR

Say goodbye to cracked screens and smudged lippy with the new iPhone 6 screen protector designed to look fabulous - and keep you looking fabulous - no matter where you are!

Created by Jonathan Cheban, well-known around the world as Kim's BFF, and reality TV regular, the Glam Screen Super HD Mirror screen protector ($39.99) provides maximum protection for your screen, and transforms your phone into an HD-quality mirror.

The strong glass screen offers serious protection so your smartphone screen won’t get scratched or smashed, plus it’s super-thin design and glamorous gold or pink tint will add bling instead of bulk to your phone.

Not only will it keep your screen safe, but the Glam Screen Super HD Mirror will make sure you are looking your best at every moment with the clear glass screen turning into a bright, high-quality mirror when the screen-light is turned off.

Perfect for re-applying lippy, checking your makeup or hair, or making sure there’s no food in your teeth before you head to a meeting, the HD-quality mirror in the Glam Screen range is a favourite with international celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner.

Available in New Zealand for the first time, the pink and gold tinted Glam Screen iPhone 6 protectors are designed to bring more glamour and fun to the world of practical mobile accessories, says Cheban.

“I’m excited that Kiwis can now get their hands on my new glass protector and mirror, and hope they really enjoy the benefits of this super strong product that will also help them keep an eye on their reflection any time of the day or night,” he adds.

The glass Glam Screen Super HD Mirror easily installs in seconds, eliminates the chance for air bubbles under the surface, and removes easily if required.

Meanwhile if you are always striving for that perfect selfie but don’t want to carry a selfie stick around in your handbag, get ready for a game-changing new arrival with the Glam Screen Selfie Ring (RRP $19.99) - designed with your ultimate pose in mind!

This simple but clever two ring device will allow you to get the perfect angle for your selfies without dropping or fumbling your phone ever again.

Simply stick the Selfie Ring to the back of your phone, slip your fingers into the rings, and you’ll have a strong and confident grip on your phone so you can rotate and angle it 360 degrees to get the very best picture.

Compatible with all devices, the Selfie Ring also acts as a kick-stand for your phone so you can watch videos at a comfortable angle, and can give you an extra tight grip on your precious smartphone when you’re juggling bags of shopping or out on the town so you’ll never drop it again.

You can even use the rings to hang your phone from a hook in a changing room or bathroom if you want to keep it extra safe!

Available in black or white to match your phone, this is a durable and compact mobile accessory that is set to make your life - and selfies - instantly easier.

The Glam Screen Super HD Mirror screen protector ($39.99) and the Glam Screen Selfie Ring (RRP $19.99) are now available online and in leading pharmacies around the country.

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