Getting the Bigger Slice: How a Product Patent Delivers the Goods

Thursday 9 July 2015, 3:34PM

By Titan Slicing Solutions



Product exceptionality works wonders for businesses. Officials recently awarded Titan Slicing Systems the exclusive rights to its meat and fish slicing system in the U.S., Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Prior to getting a patent, the Nelson-based company earned as much as $30 million a year in revenue. Sean Marr, chief executive officer of Titan Slicing Systems, expects that after being granted exclusive rights to their product, the numbers will triple and reach as much as $100 million within the next three years.

Marr is one half of the duo that produced the Titan In volute Vision System (IVS), along with business partner Jonathan Eyles. As explained in a previous interview with Stuff, the IVS is a real-time scanning system that grades and sorts 2,000 slices of meat per minute with 97% accuracy to the human eye.

Titan Slicing Systems tested the industrial meat slicer in Canada with some of the world's best food machine producers. Test results proved that the product can compete on the international level.

According to Marr, their machine’s 97% accuracy is way over the average 60% of others. He added that getting the patent for their slicing system is a great accomplishment for the company and even though the testing process was long, it was worth every minute of it.

Titan Slicing Systems is a world leader in the design and manufacture of sophisticated slicing and further processing systems. They’ve been serving globally, having offices in Germany, London, New Jersey and Milan.Marr and Eyles own 25% of the company, as well as 75% of the subsidiary business, Titan Design.

The partners’ IVS has been experiencing international success in recent years. In 2012, Titan Slicing Systems secured a $6million contract with Maple Leaf Consumer Foods in Canada. This opened the door for the company to promote their products to the North American market.

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