Buy Arduino Board: Where to Go and Where to Start

Thursday 9 July 2015, 7:20PM
By Geek Studio


There is an increased demand for interactive products, such as laptop computers and tablets today. Technological companies are looking for ways tomeet the production requirements without sacrificing the quality of their products. The use of powerful microcontroller platforms is becoming more popular.


Gone are the days when you can only enjoy the benefits of computing at home or in the office.With the onset of mobile devices and new technologies like Wi-Fi connectivity, you can browse the Internet whenever and wherever you want.The use of innovative features, hardware and software makes this possible. Manufacturers integrate small but powerful components into their products’design to make the experience more interactive.


If you are one of those who want to explore the world of technology and become a hardware designer or programmer, you must learn the basics of creating electronic projects.Be sure, though, to use the right components to achieve the highest quality of your finished product. An open-source microcontroller platform like Arduino is among your best options.


Geek Studio, a leading electronic DIY parts store, offers a quick and easy way to buy Arduino board online. The company recognised the need for high quality components for electronic projects, such as microcontroller programming and software development, which is why they offer high quality products and reliable services to those who have genuine love for technology.The store stocks a range of Arduino boards, including:


- ADK Rev3
- Leonardo
- Ethernet Rev3
- Yún
- Nano
Mega2560 Rev3


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Based in North Shore, Auckland, Geek Studio provides online tutorials for clients, as well. By joining the program, you can learn how to create simple projects using first-rate components. Other than being the go-to place for those who want to buy Raspberry Pi online, as well as sensors, electronic accessories, and other tools.


The world needs more hardware designers and software developers and you could be one of them. Improve your knowledge and skills by learning the basics of microcontroller programming. Call Geek Studio at 09 973 2749or visit find out more about their products and services.