Tow Operators Auckland –No More Fear of Being Stranded with Fast Roadside Assistance

Thursday 9 July 2015, 9:09PM
By Counties Towing


Imagine you are on a road trip. It is already late at night and you are still exploring some of New Zealand’s parts unknown. Kilometres away from the closest town, you find yourself driving alone on a stretch of highway. Suddenly, you hear a hissing sound and a rattling noise under the hood. What’s worse, you cannot make it to the nearest gas station. You start to panic and feel something stuck in your throat. What should you do?

The possibility of being stranded by the side of the road due to car breakdown is a reality for vehicle owners everywhere. Many, however, do not worry or pay close enough attention to this when it comes to preparing for a disaster. To overcome such a problem, it is best that you know who to call for help if ever you get stuck somewhere odd.

With Counties Towing, a premier car towing company in Auckland, there is no need to worry about getting stranded again. The company offers speedy road assistance, day or night. Being fast, budget-friendly and reliable are the company’s core qualities.

Its dynamic team of tow operators is always ready to help you get out of a jam – safely and efficiently. No matter what frustrating situation you find yourself in, they can provide you with immediate roadside help and car towing services.

Your vehicle breaking down can be extremely difficult. Whether you have a faulty battery, an overheated engine or a flat tyre, Counties Towing’s dedicated team will be more than glad to assist and take care of any serious mechanical problem. Moreover, all the company’s services are fully covered by insurance to give every client peace of mind.

Nothing can slow down and ruin an ultimate road trip like a car breakdown. Fortunately, Counties Towing’s team of tow operators has the expertise to handle this kind of issue. The company’s Auckland tow operators take pride in providing a speedy response to any situation that requires towing. For more information about the company and their services, visit