Staff, Service & Supplies Management: Keys toHandling Hotel Rush

Friday 10 July 2015, 2:02PM
By Jasco Distributing


While handling the affairs of your hotel in relative peace, you see hordes of people checking in. You try your best to serve your customers’ needs, but the lack of staff and supplies renders all your efforts in vain. In the end, your hotel develops an undeserved reputation for poor customer service.

For a business that thrives on providing hospitality, a hotel needs to be prepared for the multitudes, regardless of the time, day, location or season.You can’t predict the number of guests coming your way, but you can control your resources to accommodate them. It takes effective staff,service and supplies management to beat the rush.

There’s not a lot of opportunity to give instructions during the busiest of times, so you need experienced staff who know how to do things without being told. Build a competent team. Hire thosewho can double as receptionists, servers or even repair people. Add staff on a case-to-case basis, if extra hands are necessary.

Your staff won’t matter if they can’t provide good customer service. They should be visible and available 24/7 so they can attend to guests’ needs quickly. Assign them to different shifts, with more people during times with the highest traffic. Let them conduct inspections in your hotel’s amenities to ensure that everything’s in good order.

Running out of supplies is the last thing you want to happen. Always anticipate the items you need days before guests arrive. Check your hotel’s inventory occasionally to determine if supplies are adequate. Have emergency distributors at the ready so you’ll have quick access to hotel supplies. Guests can be cranky about haphazard room preparations, so make sure that you have the expert cleaners and adequate cleaning supplies, as well.

Running a hotel during a busy season can be difficult. With the right staff, service and supplies management methods, however, you’ll have little or no problems braving the rush. Jasco Distributing can help with all your hotel’s needs through their vast range of products and services. They provide hospitality guest supplies, including beverages, toiletries, cleaning materials and equipment.

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