Unimax –Ensure Labelling Quality with A4 Laser Labels

Friday 10 July 2015, 2:24PM
By Unimax


Labels provide invaluable assistance to both the producers and the customers in NZ. Labels make it easy for the producer to track movements, number and even quality of the products. For the customers, it is as simple as identifying which product is which, a big help for those who want their weekly groceries to go smoothly. No other kind of innovation provided this kind of convenience so far.

A4 laser labels are premium-class and customizable stickers. As such, it is perfect for a variety of situation outside product labelling.It is perfect for bottle surfaces, as courier and product tags, seals for event marketing materials and more. Additionally, A4 laser labels are usually smudge-free thanks to clear graphics and materials.

Unimax is a first-choice provider of high-quality A4 laser labels. The company can work on pre-prepared designs and can create bespoke products for clients with specific needs. Once your organisation requires excellent labels for a certain function, Unimax is the company to trust. Not only do they employ advanced technology, they also offer their services at very competitive rates.

If ink labels are not what you are looking for, come to Unimax for premium A4 laser labels. Send them your labelling specifications and they will respond with sample creations and a quote for your order. With a company that prioritizes excellent workmanship and high customer satisfaction, expect this kind of efficient service all the time.

ISO Certified and GS1 Accredited Unimax have more than 30 years of experience in the labelling industry. They can process all kinds of mass-produced art, from concepts and rough art to film and disc labels and e-mail art. A computerised system allows them to deliver exactly what their clients demand.

Unimax recognizes their environmental responsibility from the physical waste their operation produces. Therefore, in many aspects of their operation, they ensure that they are up to current environmental standards. The company reuses excess materials, efficiently utilises equipment and reduces energy consumption. Their self-adhesive products also have low environmental impact.

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