Wed In Style and Make Limo Your Ultimate Ride

Friday 10 July 2015, 3:55PM
By Xquizit Limousines & Tours


Wedding days are special and it deserves only the best. This is one of the days when people just can’t help throwing in all they can just to make it more special, memorable and glamorous.

As such, some couples resort to antics that can make their wedding eventon par with that ofthe celebrities and today, it is quite easy. From professional videographers and photographers togrand reception and stunning entourage, everyone can have the wedding of the year without spending millions.

One thing that can complete the spectacle is the bridal entrance. How about using a limousine to bring the bride to the scene?

The New Bridal Carriage

A limousine ride is carved straight out of a movie and will surely match the mood of the event. You can call a wedding car hire in Tauranga from Xquizit Limousines & Tours for the sweet ride.

Xquizit offers a choice of two-passenger stretched Ford Fairmont Ghia limousines that can accommodate up to seven people.

Aside from the glamorous wedding transport and a spacious room for a few more family members, the limousine hire from Xquizit Limousines & Tours also has an entertainment centre and a bar inside. The company, thus, accepts other event that calls for a classic limo experience.

Professional and Friendly Service

More than the limo ride itself, the professional and friendly service is what makes the experience more appealing. “The whole wedding party is important to us so you are assured that we will provide you with high quality service to help make your wedding day a truly memorable one,” quips Xquizit on their website.

Celebrate your wedding day in style and make it memorable with an exquisite limo ride. Visit to learn more about the company and their services. If you would like to know the areas they are servicing or the ride’s pricing per hour, call 0800 89 LIMO.