Hydestor Manufacturing – Shelving Is New Zealander's Go-To Supplier of Fixed and Mobile Shelving Units

Friday 10 July 2015, 4:46PM
By Hydestor Manufacturing - Shelving


Hydestor Manufacturing - Shelving is the leading supplier of fixed and mobile shelving units in New Zealand. It has built a strong reputation for providing unmatched product quality, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service to schools, libraries, shops and other commercial establishments. The company offers a broad range of steel shelving systems for offices and custom shelving solutions for NZ stores. Its head office is based in East Tamaki, Auckland, but they have branch officers in Christchurch, Wellington and Rotorua.

Each shelving unit offers durability and versatility, designed to suit individual needs. Contact Hydestor Manufacturing – Shelving for a more detailed information.



Hydestor Manufacturing – Shelving is one of the most trusted shelving systems provider in New Zealand. Its dynamic team of professionals is committed to help customers choose the right display solutions for their needs. Hydestor Manufacturing – Shelving is the company to call for fast, budget-friendly, and reliable fixed and mobile retail shelving systems.



Businesses of all sizes know how challenging store layout, placement of aisles and product display is. Not to mention bringing order to a cluttered workspace is no easy feat. Determining what’s down, what’s up and what to put in the centeris important, especially that attracting a consumer’s attention is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. It can be helpful to choose the right shelving system to arrange product and displays. This is where Hydestor Manufacturing – Shelving’s offerings come in handy.

With decades of experience in the industry, the company and its team have the expertise to help business owners determine anddecide the right shelving solution for them. Hydestor Manufacturing – Shelving has earned the trust of thousands of customers for offering:

A variety of accessories
Specialised storage and display options
Extensive selection of Powdercoat finishes
Shelves made of NZ Steel which is fully recyclable
Free full consultancy service
Full installation service

To meet the growing needs of clients, Hydestor Manufacturing – Shelving offers custom-made shelving units to fit within a limited space. Manufactured at factory in Auckland, the company’s productsare well known for their outstanding reliability and high standard. Its team is dedicated to design shelving that will accommodate every customer’s particular sized product, which can also cope with weight capacity requirements.

Apart from serving customers in Christchurch, Wellington and Rotorua, Hydestor Manufacturing – Shelving has also been exporting throughout Asia and Australia. Its modern plant boasts state-of-the-art computer-controlled manufacturing process. In addition, the finishing is completed using their semi-automated powder coating line. The company handles every shelving installation project based on specific circumstances to maximise the overall user safety and structural integrity.

Interested customers looking for high quality storage solutions and shop fittings can visit the Hydestor Manufacturing – Shelving website.