Dental Mouthguards for Sports: Make Sure You're Safe During the Game

Friday 10 July 2015, 8:07PM
By Welcome Bay Dental Care


We all have our own hobbies and interests. Most of us dreamed of becoming a professional athlete someday. If you are one of those who spend time in the gym practicing routines and perfecting some winning moves, then you know the risks associated with your choice of sports.


Let's face it, we risk hurting ourselves when we participate in any sport that involve physical contact. A collision during a basketball game or a head butt during a boxing or rugby match can cause serious injury to the face and other parts of the body. While your skills can sometimes save you from mishaps, wearing the right protective equipment is the best way to keep your bones intact and your mouth damage-free.


Welcome Bay Dental Care, a leading dental practice in Tauranga, recommends wearing dental mouthguards for sports.These products protect your mouth and help avoid injuries caused by collision, elbow to the face, and other forms of physical contact. The Hairini-based clinic stresses that prevention isfar better than any type of dental treatment. Dentists encourage athletes to gear up and put their mouth guards on whenever they play a contact sport.


More Than Just Dental Care and Treatment


Welcome Bay Dental Care provides more than just quality dental services to the residents of Tauranga, New Zealand. Itteaches patients how to take care of their mouth and offers products that help maintain and improve oral health.The clinic is the proud provider of professionally fitted mouthguards for the Bay of Plenty Steamers rugby team.


Aside from preventative care and immediate dental treatment, Welcome Bay Dental Care offers effective services to help brighten up smiles. When it comes to whitening teeth effectively, the clinic uses Pola, an advanced system that provides fast and long lasting results.


Make sure you are wearing a mouth guard the next time you step into the ring, field, or court.It is good to be safe and free from any mouth injury.Visit to learn more about caring for your oral health and gain access to quality dental care in Tauranga.