Waste Oil Recovery: Cleaning Up Environmental Hazards

Monday 13 July 2015, 12:58PM
By Waste Petroleum Combustion Limited


Liquid petroleum released into the environment by pipeline, vessel or vehicle is harmful to the environment. Oil remains on the top layer of water, preventing sunlight from entering, making it difficult for marine animals and plants to feed and survive.

Oil is a viscous material that chokes animals that live along the shore and in the water to death. Birds that fly over water or land ashore also choke on the spillage. Animals that survive suffer from various problems, such as difficulty in regulating their body temperatures or stay afloat.

Animals that accidentally ingest the oil die because of the toxins found in it. Baby animals starve and eventually die because the petroleum masks their body scent from their parents. Land and sea animals increase their risk of getting blind when the oil covers their eyes. Oil is difficult to remove as it seeps into the fur or eyelids.

An oil spill does more than just harm or kill animals, it reduces the use of the land or body of water that it affects. Fishing drops, use as drinking water becomes dangerous, and planting becomes almost impossible.

Spills also affect the economy as oil is lost, reducing the amount of petroleum for use. This leads to higher importation and costs of cleaning up the mess. Tourist spots suffer as local officials block entry to places where the spill occurred. Activities, such as swimming, rafting, and fishing in the area face cancellations.

Oil recovery is a must to prevent the damage of a spill. Waste Petroleum Combustion Limited provides recovery and recycling services that help local authorities clean up oil spills in their area.

The company’s oil recovery services uses a modern fleet of specialised vehicles to ensure proper collection and transport in an efficient and safe manner. The drivers have the experience and training that strive to help businesses to remove oil spills with minimal work disruption.

The company also offers:

Urgent collections
Waste oil storage tanks
Regular collection service North Island-wide
Oily water and sludge disposal
Vacuum truck service
Supply clients with industrial heating fuel

The company’s Pukekohe depot services Taupo north, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Auckland and the Far North.

Interested customers looking for quality oil recycling services may visit the Waste Pertroleum Combustion Limited website.