Disinfecting Your Home, Not Just Your Daily Carpet Cleaning Routine

Monday 13 July 2015, 2:04PM
By Superior Steam & Dry


Carpets are high traffic features of the home; you and your guests constantly step on them, bringing dust, germs and bugs from the outside. The amount of dirt and germs that a carpet accumulates makes it important to clean and disinfect it.

Common Carpet Stains

Carpet stains are unsightly splotches of discolouration on an otherwise good lookingsurface. Coffee stains leave a brownish and dirty marks on your carpet, if left uncleansed. It causes your carpet to have a discoloured tone that visitors will quickly notice.

You must also be aware of the pet stains on your carpet as these may have lingering germs or bacteria because they are waste products from animals. Poo and pee stains not only emit a foul smell, but they leave a noticeable mark on your carpet.

Superior Steam & Dry has the carpet stain removal services you need. Their expert cleaning services make sure that the stains on your carpet, whatever they are, disappear before your guests come over for a party or gathering. The company uses a tried and tested cleaning method that leaves no trace of the stain behind after they provide their service.

Carpet Beetle Infestation

Stains are the least of your worries when a carpet beetle infests your furniture. These little creatures are common household pests that resemble tiny, fuzzy worms or dark beetles. These pests may cause dermatitis, if you leave them to infest other parts of your house.

It is not enough to scrub carpets or clean furniture to get rid of these pests. The carpet cleaning provided by Super Steam & Dry uses steam to effectively remove pests clinging onto the fibres of your carpet.

Steam cleaning is an effective way of removing dirt and pests on your carpet as it goes deep into its fibres, unlike other methods.

Aside from carpet cleaning, you may also need furniture upholstery cleaning. Clean furniture is not only appealing, it also means that you take care of your home. It also prevents the spread of dirt and bugs in your house.

If ever you need cleaning services, call 07 574 5676, Superior Steam & Dry will get to your address as soon as an appointment is set. The company services the greater Tauranga region, includingTe Puke, Papamoa, and Mount Maunganui.

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