Opposite Ends: Australia's Most Costly and Most Affordable Cars

Monday 13 July 2015, 4:05PM
By Hunua Auto Spares


Nissan and Suzuki are two well-known automobile companies headquartered in Japan. Their cars are sold all over the world, even reaching as far south as Australia. These two car makers are recently making noise in the automotive industry, with one being the most costly to run and other the most affordable.

According to RACV's Driving Your Dollars 2015 survey,the most costly car on the market that locals run is the petrol V8 version of the Nissan Patrol. Drivers spend $443.60 weekly to keep their 5.6-litre vehicle on the roadway for five years.Add to that the $90,000 purchase price, fuel costsand other things.

The same study, meanwhile, also found the complete opposite of that car – the most affordable. RACV says that motorists consider the Suzuki Celerio a highly economical car to run. Its purchaseprice is $12,990, while a weekly running cost for five years is just a little less than $100.

RACV recommends that you look past the retail value of the car. Other factors such as depreciation, loan interest and insurance are as good as hidden costs if you overlooked them.

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